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Bryan Madagan & Associates has at its disposal fourteen different on line data basis that enable us to build a picture of the subject of the enquiry, present location and life style. We do not confine ourselves to an office and our staff will use the information gained on line to further their on the road enquiries.We can assist in the following
  • Verifying tenancy references
  • Pre-employment checks
  • Fraudulent insurance claims
  • Road traffic Act statements and plans
  • Surveillance
  • Due Diligence
  • Test purchases
  • Pre matrimonial checks
  • Location of assets in preparation for civil and criminal litigation
  • Checking premises for electronic bugging equipment
Our experienced and highly successful tracing team are able to track down assets as well as individuals and are regularly instructed to trace  the following.
  • Beneficiaries (of legacies or insurance policies)
  • Debtors 
  • Former business associates
  • Lost friends or relations
  • Intended recipricants of legal documents
  • Witnesses
  • Abducted children
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Bryan Madagan Associates and their team of professionals have been providing excellent service to the legal and property industries for  50 years

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